The user-friendly guide to coastal planktonic ciliates


This page shows schematic drawings of the major ciliate groups and their characteristic features. Species affiliated with a group are listed below the drawing. The data sheets can be accessed from here. Since the site is still under construction, not all species are accessible yet; those available are linked and therefore appear in blue and underlined. The morphological terms are linked to the glossary.


Strombidiids APZ APk peristomial collar PO VPZ VPk G t Macronucleus CS ventral kinety
Laboea strobila
Strombidium acutum
Strombidium capitatum
Strombidium chlorophilum
Strombidium conicum
Strombidium dalum
Strombidium emergens
Strombidium epidemum
Strombidium lynni
Strombidium minimum
Strombidium stylifer
Strombidium wulffi
Tontonia gracillima


Strobilidiids IPZ IPk Cyt Macronucleus EPZ EPk k
Leegaardiella ovalis
Leegaardiella sol
Lohmanniella oviformis
Strobilidium caudatum
Strobilidium neptuni
Strobilidium spiralis
Strobilidium sphaericum
Strombidinopsis acuminatum

Tintinnids (hyaline lorica)

Tintinnids (hyaline lorica) EPk Micronucleus Macronucleus Hyaline vk Pd P
Eutintinnus tubulosus
Favella ehrenbergii
Favella serrata
Helicostomella subulata
Parafavella denticulata
Parafavella gigantea
Parafavella obtusangula
Ptychocylis minor
Ptychocylis nimula
Salpingella acuminata
Tintinnus inquilinum
Xystonellopsis sp.

Tintinnids (agglomerated lorica)

Tintinnids (agglomerated lorica) EPZ EPk Micronucleus Macronucleus vk Pd Agglomerated lorica
Codonellopsis lusitanica
Codonellopsis pusilla
Leprotintinnus pellucidus
Stenosemella nivalis
Stenosemella oliva
Stenosemella producta
Stenosemella ventricosa
Tintinnidium mucicola
Tintinnopsis baltica
Tintinnopsis beroidea
Tintinnopsis campanula
Tintinnopsis cylindrica
Tintinnopsis karajacensis
Tintinnopsis lata
Tintinnopsis lobiancoi
Tintinnopsis nana
Tintinnopsis parva
Tintinnopsis tubulosa
Tintinnopsis turbinata
Tintinnopsis turbo


Cyclotrichs CWG pkb EKB Macronucleus skb
Askenasia stellaris
Cyclotrichium gigas
Myrionecta rubra
Rhabdoaskenasia sp.


Haptorids k CB E OC
Didinium gargantua
Lacrymaria sp.
Lagynophyra sp.

Philasterine scuticociliates

Philasterine scuticociliates APk Macronucleus PO sc k Cc
Cohnilembus spp.
Paranophrys spp.
Parauronema spp.
Philaster spp.
Philasterides spp.
Pseudocohnilembus spp.
Uronema spp.

Pleuronematine scuticociliates

Pleuronematine scuticociliates Cc k PO APk Macronucleus APk
Cyclidium spp.
Histiobalantidium spp.
Pleuronema spp.


Prostomes Brosse CB E k Cc
Balanion comatum
Rhagadostoma sp.
Tiarina fusus
Urotricha cyrtonucleata
Urotricha sp.
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